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This is a resource to provide additional insights about player performance in Swoops, a basketball simulation game that allows team owners to own franchises, buy and sell players, and compete against other owners.

As of Oct 25, 2023, there is an uncertain future for Swoops.

New Player Guide

Getting started with Swoops is easy, but to get good requires learning a bit about how the game works. Here's a guide for new general managers/owners.


List of all players in Swoops, with details on their season statistical performance for SN2, SN1, and SN0, and Player Skill Ratings (PSRs). Last update was Nov 7 2023, 12:44 PM UTC.

Player Cards

Stats and current PSRs for all players, showing historical data benchmarked against league average for each season. Here's Bruno, as an example. Last update was Nov 7 2023, 12:44 PM UTC.


List of all Swoops teams, with links to their individual team pages. Team data displays stats, player skill ratings, and season evolution for players on the current roster, as of Nov 7 2023, 12:44 PM UTC.


Recaps is a feature to help see what's happening across Swoops. Every day, a snapshot of yesterday's Swoops games is published, with a daily win leaderboard and a snapshot of games with player highlights.


Swoops Illustrated ↗ is great for evaluating lineups to find the right mix of players, comparing player skills and stats, and is continually adding new evaluation features.


Total, average and median sales on Opensea, overall, by season, and by star rating.


Who won MVP, DPOY, Rookie of the Year, was named an All-Star, or won other individual awards in SN0, SN1, and SN2? Who won the Swooper Bowl, Global Open, and SOA Cups? Check out Awards and Championships.

Stats Guide

Here is a User Guide to the stats, calculations, and color shading used on this site.


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More resources

Here are a few great tools to help owners understand the game mechanics and make decisions about players:

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